10 Quick and Healthy Mediterranean Dishes for Busy Weeknights

Busy weeknights call for meals that are quick to prepare, yet healthy and delicious. The Mediterranean diet, renowned for its nutritious and flavorful dishes, offers the perfect solution. Here are 10 Mediterranean dishes that are not only easy to make but also packed with wholesome ingredients.

1. Herby Grilled Chicken Asparagus with Couscous

A delightful dish capturing the essence of Mediterranean flavors, this recipe features grilled chicken and tri-color pearled couscous, complemented by a balsamic pink bean salad and mini cucumbers. The lemon tahini drizzle adds a creamy, nutty, and tangy note.

2. Tzatziki Eggplant Ball + Couscous Bowl

This bowl combines eggplant chickpea veggie balls with a rainbow veggie mix and traditional couscous, all tied together with dairy-free tzatziki sauce. It’s a nutritious punch in just 14 minutes.

3. Classic Tzatziki’d Falafel Sandwiches

Ready in 10 minutes, these sandwiches feature zesty zucchini falafel and baby spinach in whole-grain pita pockets, with a spoonful of dairy-free tzatziki sauce for a Mediterranean flair.

4. Eggplant Chickpea Ball + Hummus Bowl

A savory bowl under 20 minutes, featuring eggplant chickpea veggie balls, zucchini rounds, and a rainbow veggie mix, all brought together with lemon garlic hummus.

5. Creamy Garlicky Chickpea Couscous Salad

This vibrant salad, ready in 7 minutes, combines tri-color pearled couscous with a garlicky herb chickpea duo, rainbow veggie mix, and crumbled goat cheese for a creamy, tangy contrast.

6. Lemony Salmon + Broccoli Couscous

A refreshing 15-minute dish featuring tender Atlantic salmon fillets with steamed broccoli and Moroccan spiced couscous, all brightened with fresh lemon juice.

7. Tzatziki Bison Veggie Bowl

A bold 27-minute dish blending Mediterranean flavors with American inspiration, featuring bison meat, crispy roasted garbanzo beans, mini cucumbers, and tzatziki sauce.

8. Lemony Salmon + Beet Hummus Bowl

An effortless 4-minute assembly, this bowl features roasted salmon, lemon garlic hummus, mini cucumbers, and cooked beets, garnished with lemon and Italian parsley.

9. Oven Roasted Salmon with Tzatziki Zucchini

A quick 13-minute meal with Atlantic salmon fillet and organic zucchini slices, topped with a creamy feta cucumber tzatziki dip.

10. Tahini Bean + Cucumber Couscous Bowl

In just 8 minutes, enjoy a bowl of tri-color pearled couscous with balsamic pink bean salad, thinly sliced cucumbers, and a creamy lemon tahini drizzle.

These Mediterranean dishes are perfect for busy weeknights, offering a blend of health, convenience, and flavor. Whether you’re craving a hearty bowl or a light salad, there’s something for everyone in this diverse cuisine.

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