Beach Towel Sizing 101: Everything You Need to Know

What size is a beach towel?

Tl;dr: The ideal beach towel size varies based on individual needs, but standard beach towels are about 60×30 inches, with larger options available for those needing more space. When it’s time to hit the beach, one essential item you can’t forget is your beach towel. But it’s not just about picking any towel; size, material, … Read more

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Manhattan Beach: Tail-Wagging Eateries

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Manhattan Beach

Have you ever strolled down the sun-kissed streets of Manhattan Beach, your loyal canine companion by your side, and felt a pang of disappointment at the “No Dogs Allowed” signs adorning restaurant entrances? Fear not, fellow dog enthusiasts! Manhattan Beach, a sparkling gem in the South Bay crown, is not just a haven for surfers … Read more